Athlete’s Foot Treatment

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What is Athlete’s Foot?

This is a fungal skin infection of the foot. It is more common in sportspeople who regularly use communal bathing areas.

What are the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot?

The fungus prefers to live in warm, moist environments and this is why symptoms will often appear first between the toes. It can easily be passed from one person to another. A rash that is scaly and itchy may appear and this may become red and sore if it is left untreated. The rash may spread to the sole of the foot.

What are the causes of Athlete’s Foot?

Fungal spores manifest themselves in the skin of the foot. The spores can be contracted anywhere, but it commonly occurs in moist environments, such as at the swimming baths.

What should I do if I have Athlete’s Foot?

A consultation with a podiatrist is advisable the first time that symptoms appear to obtain the correct treatment promptly. Wearing clean cotton socks, breathable footwear and avoiding moist, sweaty environments for your feet is advisable.

What shouldn’t I do if I have Athlete’s Foot?

Wearing old trainers which do not allow your feet to breathe can worsen the problem.

Could there be any long – term effects from Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is not a serious infection and can be treated quickly and easily with an antifungal cream, spray or powder. However, the fungal skin infection commonly spreads to the toenails, leaving fungal nail infections which can be more difficult to treat.

Podiatry treatment for Athlete’s Foot:

A Podiatrist can advise on the most effective treatment for your symptoms, as well as providing information about how to avoid the problem returning. Simple steps to reduce Athlete’s foot from recurring include; washing toes and feet daily and thoroughly drying between the toes to avoid a moist home for the fungus to thrive, changing socks daily and alternating your footwear, and wearing flip – flops when at the swimming pool or other communal wet areas.

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