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We provide these treatements at Feet First

At Feet First, our chiropodists will carry out a one to one consultation before recommending the most effective course of treatment for you.

It is recommended that you attend regular visits to a chiropodist or podiatrist as many foot problems can be diagnosed and treated in the early stages eliminating unnecessary pain and suffering.

We have a full list of treatments that are all competitively priced to ensure excellent value for money, whilst always maintaining the highest standards of care.

Athletes Foot Image

Our expert treatments help Athlete's Foot, relieving discomfort and restoring healthy skin.

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Bunions Image

Address bunions at Feet First Chiropody. Reduce pain and enhance foot function.

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Corns and Callus Image

Experience relief as we gently treat calluses and corns, promoting smoother, pain-free feet.

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Custom Orthotics Image

New Treatment! Step into comfort with our 3D-scanned orthotic insoles, alleviating various foot issues.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Trust us for specialised diabetic foot care, prioritising your foot health.

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Fungal Nail Treatment

At Feet First you can experience a non-invasive and precise method to fight fungal nail infections.

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Nail Cutting Image

We provide treatment to help elieving discomfort caused by Ingrowing toenails

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Low Level Laser Therapy Image

Harness the power of laser therapy for pain relief and improved foot wellness.

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Nail Cutting Image

Enjoy nail cutting services for neat, healthy nails and prevention of common foot problems.

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Verrucae Treatment

Our treatments target verrucae, ensuring clear and healthy feet through expert care.

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Bio Mechanical Testing Image

New Treatment Biomechanical Testing at Feet First Chiropody enables a comprehensive evaluation of the foot and lower limb function.

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Treatment prices start from £32

Home visits prices start from £35

Treatment list:

- Athlete’s Foot
- Bunions
- Callus and Corns
- Diabetic Foot Care
- Low Level Laser Therapy
- Nail Cutting
- Verrucae
- Custom Orthotic insoles

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